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New servers, new direction - 9/25/08

Been a long while but I am testing a new hosting place and they have a lot of cool features. May end up merging some content together with a larger hosting plan. :D pretty excited!

Moved... But with a glitch.

I just realized no one can access SmockBogger or SporkNET outside my university. I am working on it, but may have to install these services on another server. Unfortunately this may take some time. It seems like there is some sort of firewall blocking me, but it is not mine. I am working on this as fast as I can.

Back in Business - 8/26/07

After a little delay, SporkNET (and therefore Smockbogger.com) is up and running. There could be a few more little tweaks for speed, but I will get to those in due time.

Virtual Private Newtork - 8/19/07

Woohoo! There have been some successful tests of our upcoming VPN system. This looks promising.

In other news, SmockBogger may get a little re-branding, as I apparently need to identify our infrastructure for trademark sake. I will keep this to a minimum, I promise.

Expected downtime - 7/24/07

SmockBogger will be down sometime between Aug 20 - 26. I will try to minimize downtime, but I expect it to be down for at least a day, maybe two.

Government stuff - 7/7/07

Had a little fun at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Awaiting results that could take months.

The forum and news sections are taking far more time than I hoped and links are removed. You are not missing anything.

The Bacon... - 6/9/07

Cool! Smockbogger is actually being used for something. Much sooner than I anticipated too! If only I had an internet connection that could keep up with demand. Oh, and some PHP script is not playing nice with other programs. The code-hunt continues...

Still tweaking - 5/16/07

This site is still under construction. Current priorities are setting color schemes, PHP tweaks, and tightening up the cohesiveness of the overall site. As a full time student, this will take some time. Patience, friends.

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